In the midst of difficulties often lie opportunities."

Albert Einstein

Supervision is used to reflect on professional issues and professional actions. Teams, groups and individuals can use supervision as an effective tool for achieving a fulfilling work life. I offer team, case and leadership supervision. 

Thanks to regular appointments a continues exchange can be realized to improve communication. This strengthens the team feeling, activates resources and develops strategies for dealing with challenges.

I myself have worked in the psychosocial sector for 7 years and therefore know first-hand the challenges faced by employees, managers and teams. During this time, I have often found supervision to be helpful and relieving.

Possible topics for supervision can be:

  • Team conflicts
  • Team development
  • Case supervision
  • Leadership supervision
  • Leadership development
  • Strengthening personal competencies and resources
  • Improving the ability to act
  • Coping with operational restructuring

You and your team can get to know me during a 30-minute appointment.

If you are interested in supervision or a team event, please contact me and I will make you an offer.